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After the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government approved ,Tianjin Textile Group Import and Export INC.(TTGIE) was established as an SOE( State-Operated Enterprise) in 1985. The SOE is also affiliated to Tianjin Textile Group (Holding) Co.,LTD which is the principal part to Tianjin Hi-tech textile industrial park. TTGIE enjoyed exceptional advantages that are relied on the strong support of parent firm. It is a large-scale corporation with excellent comprehensive strength since it was established. 

The group is based in the High-tech New Textile Industrial Zone which locates in Tianjin Binhai Air Port Economic Area is partition in Tianjin Free TradeTesting Zone. The group covers an area of more 263.6 acre and a total construction area of over 800 thousand square meters, even has its own museum——Tianjin Textile Museum inside. In 2014, revenue of main business is 31.65 billion. From 2005 to 2014, the group ranked the top 500 Enterprises in the whole country for 9 times.

Separately from the whole group the building of TTGIE is located in downtown of Tianjin. As a large state-scale enterprise with annual import & export of USD 1 billion, TTGIE owns its subsidiary manufactures, enjoying the capacity of nearly one million spindles for ring spun yarn which enable us to export 300 containers(40HQ) monthly and having the strong capability to produce 1000 tons of sewing thread per month and to dye 500 tons of yarns per month. As such, we are in the position to provide a wide range of yarn( raw white and dyed) and sewing thread to our global customers to meet their specific requirements. 
The solid financial strength not only makes TTGIE become more reliable but also offers great convenience to customers. TTGIE has emphasized the enterprise cultural construction and?talent?echelon cultivation. Nowadays, the company has organized a team with  professional skill and highly comprehensive quality, which formed a solid foundation for further development. 
Collective photo taken in the Great Hall of the people:

Enterprise core values: honesty, dedication, passion and creativity

The idea of “Serve Customers” has been deeply rooted in every single one in TTGIE. With continuous improvement, we have achieved various domestic honor certificates(as following).

Based on our constant pursuit of product quality and customer satisfaction, we have visions as follows:
Critically look on our products in the view of customer. In dealing with our own products, we are fussier than the most fastidious customers are. Our goals are basing on customer, put ourselves in users’ shoes, continuously make creative efforts to improve our techniques, offer top-quality yarns and sewing threads and become one of the most respected textile enterprises. 
We seek a growing occupation in international and domestic market; enhance our international competitiveness through encouraging innovations, perfecting techniques and adopting scientific method of management and supervision. 
At the time of seeking development, we adhere to an environmentally friendly road of development; comply with commercial ethics and friendly competition; and do not slack off product quality under any circumstances.